Summer camp is one of the most worthwhile, memorable and treasured experiences in a child’s life. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp. The benefits of camp are plenty, from life lessons and the value of playtime to appreciating nature, learning self-sufficiency, and building confidence and leadership skills. The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project demonstrates camp provides a safe environment to freely learn, grow and develop a child’s abilities and skills that prove beneficial long into adulthood.

6 Great Reasons Your Child Should Go To Summer Camp:

1. Try new things.  At camp, children are exposed them to new activities and experiences that they may not be familiar with. This provides the chance to engage and become aware of different things and discover new hobbies or passions.

2. To develop social skills.  At camp, children learn to communicate, to work together as part of a team and to be a leader. Leadership is developed by asking campers to fulfill responsibilities that may not be expected of them elsewhere.  Sharing resources and attention help foster teamwork and the desire to participate.

3. To face challenges.  At camp, children can take healthy risks, set personal goals and realize their dreams in a safe and caring environment.

4. To value of hard work. At camp, children learn the importance of working hard to accomplish what they want and to never give up.

5. To build character. On top of making new friends, campers also develop an appreciation for the qualities required to cultivate and strengthen these relationships. At camp, children are taught about ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Parents frequently report that after camp, their children are more kind, understand the importance of giving, are more equipped to stand up for what they know is right, and are willing to be more responsible.

6. To foster independence. At camp, children learn the responsibility of making their own decisions with the guidance of intuitive counselors and staff in a safe environment. Campers can risk finding out what works and what doesn’t while discovering new facets of themselves. The camp environment provides peer support that allows children to quickly overcome their need for constant parental dependency.

Convinced? Register for 1, 2 or all 8 weeks of creativity and adventure. Summer camp is a much-needed break from the academic year where creativity, adventure, thrills, smiles and plain old good times are the priority. At Kumbuka Summer Camp we are here to make sure children have the time of their lives as they engage in adventures that will impact them for years to come. It’s not too late to sign your child up. Register today!

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