Our first Week was filled with a lot of fun and learning of new cultures and places.  From Canada to Zimbabwe children had fun exploring games, crafts and activities children from all over the world do. First stop Canada celebrating Canada Day with Canadian Flags works and Fireworks in a Jar. As we covered each other in cotton and dodging giant marshmallows friendships were made and it was onto our next stop.  As we flew over Africa children enjoyed exploring animal games and making Calabash bowls. We saw how flexible and agile children could be from leaping high to balancing objects on top of their heads as we spent a day in Africa.

Like kangaroos we hopped into Australia making boomerangs and enjoying fun Australian games like Weme and Kai. We created beautiful works of art using Aboriginal mosaic technique.  Last stop, down in South America using colours to create our own Peruvian beads and turning them into necklaces and bracelets, we piled more colours to create Paper Molas from Panama. The fun could go on and on but  now let’s fuel up for next week as we transform into Gladiators and Ninjas. Join us for more fun & adventure!

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