Now more than ever, we want our children to engage in a safe and meaningful time at camp. There are so many options for parents to choose a thrilling and enjoyable summer experience for their children. So how do they choose?

So Why choose Kumbuka Summer Camp??

There are so many great programs available, but these aspects of camp life set us apart. Ultimately there are going to keep your kids happy and safe this summer.

  • Small Group Focused – Every one of our offerings this summer will be at a maximum 1:4 ratio (leader to camper). As of our weekly adventures will max out at 20 participants per session.

  • Cleanliness and Safety – We place a huge emphasis on individual and group hygiene, minimizing contact with people outside our group and are mindful of everyone’s health. Participants will be taught proper hygiene protocol upon arrival. All of our leaders have Level 1 First Aid which gives them a strong foundation in managing medical situations if they occur.

  • Skilled & Trained Camp Leaders – Our camp leaders are made up of enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals. We carefully select and train our Summer Staff members, who are dedicated to the care and support of your child. We have Early Childhood Educators and a Registered Nurse who engage daily and fully in our program to lead and guide younger staff in implementing programs and activities.

  • Fresh Air Keeps Everyone Healthy – We believe that kids should be outside and breathing in as much fresh air everyday as possible. Our bodies need it! Our program conducts most of our activities in the great outdoors of Beautiful British Columbia.

  • Movement – Our experiences have kids constantly on the move from swimming, nature walks, and exploring. This allows us the freedom to explore new places, while also staying outside and away from large crowds.

  • Unique Summer Day Camp Experience – Our camp weeks are themed-based, focus heavily on Adventure and Discoveries, offer a wide range of activities that are purposely chosen to provide a platform for inquiry and experiential learning, indulge on creative arts, love being goofy, out of the box type of experience and are very focused on putting kids first.

Your child is our #1 priority at Kumbuka, as we offer a safe, exciting and caring environment for children to grow and experience new challenges. We create a safe place so campers can develop and enhance their resiliency, independence and self-efficacy. We encourage Campers to do things for themselves and for others so campers can improve the skills necessary to manage and understand their emotions and their relationships. We believe this is the best way for them to learn and grow. We are inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, languages, shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and capacities. We warmly invite children of any background to choose your adventure at Kumbuka Day Camp this summer. Register today!