About Us

Our Vision

At Kumbuka Summer Camp, we believe in broadening the vision for children. Kids are full of unique, original and innovative ideas, and are constantly looking for ways to ignite change in the world around them. 

Through a platform that bridges their imagination with real-world experiences,  we provide them the ability to develop life skills to navigate the world and overcome challenges. 

Discover, Create & Learn!

Through our diverse, well-balanced programs, campers will enjoy exciting activities centred on a weekly themed activities or community creative initiatives that facilitate our campers to build Confidence, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration skills and Community awareness while having a great time. 

Programs include environmental activities, games, crafts, special events, music, drama, community engagement and local trips allowing campers to make new friends while learning new skills and fully exploring their world. 

We encourage Campers to do things for themselves and for others, because we believe it’s the best way they learn and grow. It is our goal for all our campers to enjoy the same safe, inclusive, creative and energetic camp experience for a memorable and adventurous summer. 

Join Us!

Our mission is to inspire growth and empower creativity through Adventure and Community Engagement. 

Join us in enriching lives through fun adventures that promote a community filled with love, respect, kindness and peace to self, others and the environment.  Register Now.

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