What is Kumbuka Day Camp All About?

An Unforgettable Summer Experience!

Kumbuka Day Camp is all about providing the ultimate summer-time experience for children 6 –12. This broad age range is divided into two groups at Kumbuka, 6–8 and 9–12, specifically addressing the needs of each group through a platform that bridges their imagination with real-world experiences. Kids are full of unique, original and innovative ideas, and are constantly looking for ways ignite change in the world around them. Therefore, we provide a caring environment that is activity-based, action-packed and full of fun. Children can succeed and feel great about themselves and others as we provide them activities that promote their ability to develop life skills to navigate the world and overcome challenges. Kumbuka provides a great environment for making new friends, cultivating new interests, and just being kids!

Your Child: Our Top Priority!

Your child is our #1 priority at Kumbuka, as we offer a safe, exciting and caring environment for children to grow and experience new challenges. We create a safe place so campers can develop and enhance their resiliency, independence and self-efficacy. We encourage Campers to do things for themselves and for others so campers can improve the skills necessary to manage and understand their emotions and their relationships. We believe this is the best way for them to learn and grow. We are inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, languages, shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and capacities. It is our goal for all our campers to enjoy the same safe, inclusive, creative, and energetic camp experience for a memorable and adventurous summer.  We warmly invite children of any background to choose your adventure at Kumbuka Day Camp this summer. Register today!

Fantastic Summer Staff!

Kumbuka Summer Camp staff is made up of enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals. We carefully select and train our Summer Staff members, who are dedicated to the care and support of your child. We believe in fostering a healthy and proactive team environment that allows our staff to. provide focused care and supervision to your child as he/she navigates the daily Kumbuka program. As we explore our diverse, well-balanced programs together our staff are able to find the balance between being leaders and caring friends to the children.


Kumbuka Summer Camp is a community program through the Bavubuka Foundation. We provide a highly relational program where children can develop their five dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual) while instilling positive values about themselves, others, and the environment through the activities.